Job Redesign & Innovation Workshops by SHATEC

Sep 11, 2019

To support the industry in doing job redesign, SHATEC has started the ball rolling with the Job Redesign and Innovation Workshops for management and non-management hoteliers. These workshops were specially crafted for the participants to acquire a working knowledge of the Job Redesign (JR) framework that has been proposed for hoteliers to develop creativity in shaping innovative JR solutions.

A total of 75 participants from 38 hotels have undergone the workshops. While the management workshop covers the impetus for JR implementation in hotels and engagement of employees, the non-management workshop familiarises participants with the processes and outcomes of JR and how to be positively engaged in organizational change.

Relooking at Operations with an Open Mind (ROOM) BY SHATEC

Hotels that hope to benefit from a more hands-on application can also sign up for Relooking at Operations with an Open Mind (ROOM) which will equip the participants with the knowledge to identify opportunities for innovation in workplace as well as to seek opportunities for growth and gain insights into innovative ways of thinking and performing tasks at work.

This programme comprises group consultation and site visits, in addition to lectures and discussions to identify opportunities to improve work practices through collaboration, pilot testing of ideas and supporting innovation implementation. Participants can take the opportunity to implement a JR solution within their workplace as part of the project scope.

For more information, please contact 6415 3514 /513 /531 or email