Toolkit Features

Here are the key features in the Hotel JR toolkit that will guide you through your JR journey.

Solution Finder

Use this tool to search for existing solutions that target specific challenges in various functional areas.

  • Front Office
  • Housekeeping
  • Engineering
  • Food & Beverage
  • Revenue Managment
  • Procurement
  • Others

Job Redesign Implementation Guide

Use this tool for a step-by-step approach to implement job redesign. You will be guided through a full job redesign methodology, with templates and resources for hands-on application of the concepts.

Implications to HR

This section highlights considerations when aligning HR programmes to changes in jobs as a result of JR. It covers areas in recruitment & selection, training & development, performance management, and career management. This section also features a Wage Model as a guide to review compensation packages for redesigned jobs.

The wage model highlighted in Hotel JR toolkit

Paying For Responsibilities


  • Examines additional skill set and the corresponding increase in responsibilities
  • Utilises a matrix to determine pay increase that is anchored on corresponding increase in job value


  • Variable pay component paid out as a skills allowance
  • Duration of payout: 6 months
  • To be incorporated into base pay after 6 months


  • Applied when a job redesign solution leads to increased responsibilities, hence job value.
  • This could be the result of acquiring a new skills, or the performance of higher value added tasks etc.

Productivity Incentive


  • Examines the elimination of job tasks and changes in processes that leads to an improvement in productivity
  • Translates savings into productivity measures
  • Sharing of productivity gains with employees


  • Variable pay component paid out as an incentive bonus
  • Duration of payout: 3-6 months only


  • Not mandatory
  • Interim measure for organisations to apply when they face resistance from employees during the implementation phase and are looking for a mechanism to incentive behaviours (i.e. as part of change management efforts)

Change Management

This section provides reference materials that could facilitate the implementation of job redesign changes and encourage buy-in and adoption from leadership to worker levels.


Transformation Vision

Articulate a vision of the organisation’s desired end-state (e.g. enhanced manpower productivity)

Leadership Buy-In

Demonstrate commitment towards driving and embracing change at the leadership level so as to engender support and buy-in amongst employees

Transition & Adoption

Provide necessary support to ease transition and adoption, recognising that stakeholders have varying pace of adoption and adaptation to change

Stakeholder Engagement

Segment stakeholder groups and tailor immediate engagement approaches to get stakeholders on board with change initiatives

Case Studies

Learn from fellow hoteliers on how they embarked on their Job Redesign journey.

Here's some testimonials from employees on their Job Redesign experience.

“With fast changing industry needs, hospitality players should aspire to transform by planning early to embrace the change.”

Ramesh Krishnan Front Office Manager,
Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore

Be bold to try new things. Learning never stops!

Arumugam Rajasegaran Senior Bell Captain, Security Officer-in-training
Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore

“The job redesign system has significantly optimised my work processes. We take 40% less time to create "new projects" without paper trail - no printing or filing. I feel more empowered as we have the opportunity to focus on managing our suppliers and ensuring the quality of products we procure.”

Annie Yong Senior Purchasing Executive
Fairmont Singapore and Swissotel The Stamford

“With AURA optimising operations and boosting productivity, manpower could be freed up at Front Desk and I was able to perform tasks more efficiently.
The opportunity then came for me to try my hand at a different role within the hotel.“

Davidson Tan Housekeeping Supervisor | Former Guest Service Ambassador
M Social Singapore

“Job redesign has helped me gain additional skills, increased my level of confidence and certainly has enhanced my employability.”

Ragu Tamil Selvan Guest Services Manager | Former Banquet Operations Manager
Amara Singapore