Implement Job Redesign

Against a backdrop of rapid changes in today’s business landscape, Job Redesign serves as an enabler for hotels to meet the capability demands of the constantly evolving environment and build a future-ready and productive workforce.

The options to implementing Job Redesign include:

Doing Job Redesign in-house

Embark on your Job Redesign journey with the Job Redesign Implementation Framework which has been developed to guide hoteliers like yourself through the Job Redesign process. You may access the Hotel Job Redesign Online Toolkit for resources and templates to guide you in the process.

Hotel Job Redesign Implementation Framework


  • 1

    Understand Business Imperatives

  • 2

    Develop a Business Case


  • 3

    Immerse in the Guest Experience


  • 4

    Conduct Stakeholder Interviews

  • 5

    Conduct Operations Scan

  • 6

    Conduct Job Shadowing

  • 7

    Determine Job Redesign Prototypes

  • 8

    Conduct Work Trials and Impact Analyses


  • 9

    Develop Implementation Plan

  • 10

    Drive Adoption Activities

  • 11

    Measure Return on Investment

Quick Tips

  • ✓ Access the Solution Finder in the Job Redesign toolkit for ideas on Job Redesign opportunity

  • ✓ Check out the Change Management section to ensure organisational-level buy-in

  • ✓ Take reference from the Wage Model to determine a fair salary adjustment for your staff

Engaging external help

Job Redesign can be carried out in different scale and objectives. Hotels that are looking to implement Job Redesign on a bigger scale could consider engaging the help of consultants with niche methodologies.