Funding & Support

Refer below for the Funding and Support available for the following:

Job Redesign Implementation and Technology Enhancement

Receive funding support up to 70% qualifying cost (for SMEs) and up to 50% qualifying cost (for non-SME) on business transformation projects. For productivity solution implementation, hotels can receive up to 10% additional enhanced funding*, if they commit to a Job Redesign plan.

*Applications deadline for enhanced funding: 31 Mar 2021

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Streamline your business processes with technological solutions and equipment with support from the Productivity Solutions Grant.

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Support enterprises to work with pre-approved Job Redesign (JR) consultants to redesign work processes, tasks and responsibilities.

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Improve productivity and manpower-efficiency through digitalisation or service design

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Access funding and transitional foreign manpower support to transform to become more manpower-lean.

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Hiring for Redesigned Jobs

Provide cost-free option to companies to assess potential hire’s job fit via a short-term work stint before offering employment.

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Receive training and salary support to hire and reskill job seekers, including mid-career switchers.

• Up to 90% salary support capped at $6,000/month for every eligible new hire

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Training of New/Existing Staff

WSG’s Career Conversion Programme for Tourism Professionals aims to support tourism companies to train new hires and reskill existing workers for job roles in the tourism-related sectors including Hotel, MICE, Attractions and Tour and Travel. Companies can receive up to 90% of salary support over the programme duration.

The target trainees are:

  1. New Hires with no prior experience in the job that they are hired for;
  2. Existing workers whose jobs have been redesigned.
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Equip your Singaporean employees, talents and leaders with skills upgrading and new skillsets with up to 50% funding of qualifying costs from Tip-iT.

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Plug capability gaps in the local workforce by engaging foreign specialists to transfer capabilities to local workers, or sending local workers for training abroad, with funding support and work pass facilitation.

• Up to 90% funding on qualifying costs which includes salary support, COLA, airfare, etc.

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Interested in redesigning your jobs and multi-skilling your employees?

If you are, come onboard e2i's HOT programme where your company can receive:

• Up to 90% salary support* for up to 4 months for new hires
• Up to $9/hour in salary support for existing staff

To qualify for the programme, multi-skill your employees in at least 2 areas of work, send them for digital training workshops, and give them a higher starting salary or pay increase upon completion of the training.

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*Enhanced rates apply to companies hiring mature or long-term unemployed Singapore Citizens

Provides up-to-date key information on the sector, career pathways, occupations / job roles, existing and emerging skills, as well as relevant training programmes for employers to develop staff capabilities and HR practices.  

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Choose from a curated list of short, industry-relevant training courses in 8 emerging areas: data analytics, finance, tech-enabled service, digital media, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, urban solutions, and advanced manufacturing.

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