Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview, on SHATEC’s ROOM Programme

Jan 10, 2020

A Happy Participant- Four Points Sheraton’s on SHATEC’s ROOM Programme

Conversation with Ms Melati Alui, Director of Human Resource

What prompted you to start the JR journey?

Looking at the landscape of Singapore in terms of ageing population and manpower constraints, and looking at the ever-evolving hospitality landscape, with endless opportunities to improve productivity, our hotel saw the need to future-proof jobs that would otherwise be obsolete due to technological advancement and at the same time, increase productivity per headcount.

Could you share more about the JR project you have embarked on?

We have embarked on the creation of a one-stop reservation centre which will ultimately streamline the back-end process of our associates and provide seamless service to our guests. 

How did ROOM support your JR journey?

The fruitful ROOM training provided insights on the different challenges we should anticipate on our JR journey. The Hotel JR toolkit provided in the training has a very structured approach on job redesign and it has helped our hotel in identifying more solutions to our anticipated challenges than we have originally thought of. We would highly recommend it to hotels looking to embark on the JR journey.

What are the challenges you have faced so far?

Our hotel is still in the initial phase of observing the various roles and job tasks. Hence, we have yet to face challenges in our JR journey. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Would you recommend ROOM for people looking to start their JR journey? Why?

Definitely. As mentioned above, we would also highly recommend the Hotel Job Redesign Toolkit, which is a great tool to assist people looking to start their JR journey.

Find out more about the ROOM programme, and related JR workshops here.