Job Redesign Workshops

To help hotels embark on their job-redesign journey, SHATEC, the industry school has specially curated a training programme with consultancy to make that change happen for you.

The training programme with consultancy is titled “Relooking at Operations with an Open Mind” or "ROOM" in short.

ROOM will help your team members reimagine, redefine and redesign processes to value add to jobs and make work more efficient.

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ROOM (Relooking at Operations with an Open Mind)

Course Overview

SHATEC’s specially crafted training solution “ROOM" is a follow-through of the current Hotel Sectoral Manpower Plan (SMP) - SkillsFuture: Room for Gain. In our programme, ROOM is an acronym for "Relooking at Operations with an Open Mind", a name chosen for “consistency of messaging and association to the Hotel SMP”.

This skill describes the ability to identify opportunities for innovation and improved work practices within own scope of work. It also includes collaborating with stakeholders, pilot testing of ideas and supporting implementation of innovation initiatives.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will have acquired the following learning outcomes:

  • Identify opportunities for and innovation in the workplace
  • Support implementation and collaborate with relevant stakeholders on innovation and job redesign initiatives
  • Seek opportunities for growth and gain insights into innovative ways of thinking and performing tasks at work

Course Outline

  1. Innovation – What it is and Why it matters in Today’s Workplace
    • Why innovation matters?
    • Innovation at Different Levels
    • Innovation concepts and models

  2. How to Innovate and the Innovation Process
    • Innovation and Business
    • Building the Momentum
    • Steps in innovation process

  3. Innovation as an Enabler in the Workplace
    • Innovation in Today’s Workplace
    • Where does real innovation lie?

  4. Job Redesign – One size does not fit all
    • Why Redesign?
    • Solutions at Work

  5. Measuring Innovation Success
    • What are the KPIs?
    • Choosing the right metrics

Course Duration

Total Duration - 30 hours:

Classroom Facilitation and Peer-Coaching: 17 hours
E-learning/Workplace learning: 3 hours
Consultation*:6 hours
Assessment (Presentation of project): 4 hours


Lecture, discussions, e-learning/workplace learning, peer coaching and consultation (peer consultation, group consultation and includes site visits)

*The six hours is part of the ROOM programme. Participating establishments that wish to have additional consultation may do so at the following rates:

  • SHA members: $950.00 per 4-hour block
  • Non-SHA members: $1,400.00 per 4-hour block


Project (To be completed and presented 1.5 months after the last workshop session)


Upon successful completion of the programme with minimum 75% attendance, participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance from SHATEC, and a Statement of Attainment issued by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Course Fee

Full Course Fee (before GST): $1,900.00
SSG grant: $1,330.00 (Singaporeans and PRs only)
Nett Course Fee (before GST): $570.00