3-month salary support for existing employees for redesigned jobs

Jan 10, 2020

Hotels can now enjoy up to 3-month salary support for reskilling and upskilling existing employees for redesigned jobs

Embarked on Job Redesign and looking to reskill workers for redesigned roles? Look no further! Introducing Workforce Singapore’s (WSG) Job Redesign Place-and-Train Programme for the Hotel Industry which aims to provide salary support for the time taken (up to 3 months) for hotels reskill and upskill existing workers.

Under the programme, hotels can receive up to 70% of salary support for up to 3-month training duration. Hotels are encouraged to work with SHA to customise training plans which can comprise up to 100% on-the-job training.

The Job Redesign Place-and-Train Programme for Hotel Industry is part of the holistic support to hotels under the Hotel Job Redesign Initiative, which encourages and enables hoteliers to review and optimise existing jobs in your properties, in order to create higher quality jobs and a heightened sense of job satisfaction amongst the employees. Interested hotels may approach SHA or WSG to apply.

Find out more about the funding support available for Hotel Job Redesign here