Redesigning Front-of-House Roles to Enhance Guest Experiences

Jul 01, 2020

Being stationed at the Front-of-House requires employees to be on their best professional conduct, as they are positioned to account for most, if not all, occurrences of interaction with guests. Impressions created by Front-of-House employees are often long-lasting and could possibly determine whether a guest’s stay at the hotel was a memorable one or not. From front desks and concierge, to restaurant hosts and bartenders, every employee who comes into contact with guests will have an impact on their experience. Needless to say, these valuable roles are highly sought after by hotel employees who are seeking a sense of job satisfaction, as a guest’s compliment serves as the highest form of reward at the end of the day.

Through the Job Redesign Place-and-Train Programme, the evolution of Front-of-House roles is evident through the numerous projects encompassing employees from other departments being multi-skilled to take on various Front Office duties and stepping up to be the faces of their respective hotels. As jobs and responsibilities of related roles are redesigned to be front-facing, employees now take greater ownership in delighting guests and the guest experience is elevated when they are served and engaged by the same multi-skilled employee throughout their stay in the hotel.

In picture: Rishi, an F&B Associate from Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore, being guided on Front Office duties as part of his Job Redesign training

In picture: Trayce, a Front Office Associate from Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore, being guided on barista tasks as part of her Job Redesign training

For example, Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore has embarked on a job redesign project to reskill 5 Front Office Associates and 2 F&B Associates in a new role: Lobby Specialist. Through on-the-job training, Front Office Associates will learn barista duties and undergo Food Hygiene Knowledge and Certification; whilst their F&B counterparts will be guided on check-in and check-out processes, as well as room product knowledge. Through this project, the hotel will be able to flexibly deploy its new unit of multi-skilled Lobby Specialists during specific peak periods, and successfully cover a wider spectrum of roles across the hotel lobby. This project will also increase guests’ satisfaction, as their stay is made personalised by the 7 multi-skilled Lobby Specialists who will greet them by name at the Front Office and remember their coffee preferences at the hotel’s F&B outlet.

In pictures: Rachel (left) and Colin (right) undergoing on-the-job training to upskill and move into guest-facing roles at Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore.

Over at Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore, the Job Redesign Place-and-Train Programme sees two of its employees taking on new duties at the Front of the House; such as handling guests’ requests and complaints, performing simple concierge tasks, and managing Front Office operations. 

Rachel Chen has been an Assistant Executive Housekeeper at Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore for the past 8 years. Since 2012, Rachel has been trained to supervise daily operations and ensure that the hotel is maintained in pristine conditions. After her job has been redesigned, she will move from a Back-of-House position to take on responsibilities of a Senior Duty Manager. This would allow Rachel to move into a guest-facing role, by channelling her supervisory experience into driving service and operational excellence at the Front Office and Executive Lounge of the hotel.

Undergoing on-the-job training alongside Rachel is Marcellin Colin James. Colin, will also be upskilled from a Senior Call Centre Executive to a Senior Guest Services Executive, making full use of his guest-centric skills in processing inquiries and requests. He will join Rachel in upholding high levels of service quality and standards at the front of Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore.

Originally from Back-of-House positions, the Job Redesign Place-and-Train Programme will develop both Rachel and Colin into well-rounded hospitality professionals with a comprehensive understanding of hotel operations after they complete their Front-of-House trainings, and boost their careers with a new competitive edge.