From Driver to Guest Services Executive

Jul 01, 2020

Find out how a sexagenarian is going the extra mile for guests

In picture: Mr Tham undergoing training to take on Guest Services Executive duties at Capella Hotel

Job Redesign efforts have benefitted a wide spectrum of employees, both young and mature. Mr Tham, a mature Singapore citizen, used to be a driver until his role was redesigned to a Guest Services Executive at Capella Hotel, Singapore. Let’s hear from Mr Tham himself on his personal experience of learning new tasks and embracing a change in job responsibilities, as well as preparing himself to become future-ready.

What were your first thoughts upon learning about Job Redesign?

Mr Tham: I can continue to contribute to the hotel. It is an opportunity for me to learn and acquire more knowledge and skill for the future. It is also the organisation's belief and faith in me to be able to venture into the future workforce.

Can you share more about the JR project that you are embarking on?

Mr Tham: Currently, I am being trained at the front desk. The project includes learning about:

  • Arrival, departure, rooming process
  • Types of rooms and facilities in our hotel
  • Answering and processing of requests
  • KnowCross and Opera

How has the training been and how are you coping?  

Mr Tham: Good and challenging at times. I make mistakes, but that is how I can learn from it. I believe that practice makes perfect. I am grateful that my colleagues have been very patient, supportive and encouraging since the day I joined. They regularly ask about my wellbeing and give me encouragement. I think this is the effect of a good culture starting from the top to the ground level.

What are some challenges that you have faced so far? 

Mr Tham: Sometimes, I find it challenging to understand terms from different nationalities. For example, there was once a guest who asked that he needed an aid, which was actually first aid or plaster. Also, I need to improve on my speed to check and process request. I am also learning about In Room Dining’s food ordering process, which can be sometimes challenging.

What new skills have you picked up and how are you applying them?

Mr Tham: Through on-the-job training, I learnt how to collaborate with different departments to meet or exceed guest requests, even during COVID-19. I also learned phone etiquette and verbiage. For example, when I receive a call request from guest, I will apply my learning, key into the KnowCross system and follow up to ensure it is done.

How do you think JR will benefit you in the long run?

Mr Tham: It definitely helps me in the interaction with others and to deliver a better service, as I usually be the first person to meet guests at the airport. It provides me with a bigger picture of the duties and roles of each team member, and how every small detail will affect the final guests’ experience.

We wish Mr Tham all the best as he continues taking on new challenges whilst his role is being redesigned at Capella Hotel!