Khoo Teck Puat Hospital with Hospitality ABC Network

Jan 10, 2020

Learning Journey to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital with Hospitality ABC Network

As we continuously look for best practices from other industries, the Hospitality ABC Network organized a learning journey to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) on 3 Oct 2019. The visit focused on learning about how the hospital adopted Toyota’s Kaizen techniques to its patient care philosophy. Director of Operations, Ms Fatimah Bte Moiden Kutty, shared with the attendees on how KTPH used Service Design and Design Thinking to plan its processes and infrastructure before the hospital’s opening. These initiatives have contributed to the hospital’s continued standards of patient care and high patient satisfaction.

Ms Moiden Kutty also shared how the application of Kaizen techniques have motivated its employees to deliver patient care “better, faster, cheaper and safer.” In the course of their patient care, KTPH’s nurses identified patient needs and created innovative home care products that facilitated the patients’ recovery. The in-house KTPH creations were manufactured to meet the patients’ needs and were a fraction of the ready products’ retail prices.

The learning journey was a timely reminder for hoteliers to rethink service experience design and customer centricity amidst their redesign plans.

The Hospitality ABC (HABC) Network aims to equip hospitality professionals with accessible, bite-sized competencies so that they may take on higher-value-added roles and keep pace with industry transformation. Since their launch in 2018, the HABC Network has done good work for the hospitality industry. Do keep up-to-date with their latest activities and upcoming second anniversary celebrations at HABC Network’s FB page. All are welcomed to join.