2020 SHA Calendar of Activities

2019 Activities

updated as of 5 August 2019

January to March

  • 1st SHA/NFEC Fire Safety and Civil Emergency Preparedness Commitee Meeting
  • 1st General Managers' industry Networking Session
  • Excellent Service Award (EXSA) 2019 - Nominations
  • SHA Knowledge Series: Workshop on Sustainable Hotel Maintenance Practices that Promotes Productivity and Cost Efficiency
  • Singapore Hotel Industry Survey 2019 (Financial Year 2018) - Horwath HTL
  • SHA Knowledge Series: Seminar on Employment Law - Upcoming Changes and its Impact on Hotels
  • SHA Knowledge Series: Competition Compliance Training Workshop for Hotels

April to June

  • SHA Knowledge Series: Is your Hotel at Risk of Non-Compliance - PDPA, GDPR & GST
  • 37th SHA Inter-Hotel Soccer Tournament
  • SHA Golf Tournament 2019
  • Inaugural Human Capital Conference 2019
  • SHA Annual General Meeting & SHA Hospitality Showcase

July to September

  • FDAWU/NTUC/SHA “Employee of the Year” Award Presentation
  • Start of EXSA 2019 Development Workshops
  • 37th SHA Inter-Hotel Bowling Tournament
  • SHA-MCCY Focus Group Discussion - SG Cares
  • Singapore Green Hotel Award 2019
  • SHA-WSHC Seminar
  • SHA Annual Dinner 2019
  • 2nd SHA/NFEC Fire Safety and Civil Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting

October to December

  • 2nd General Managers' Industry Networking Session
  • SHA-Intel Hospitality Technology Seminar 
  • SHA/SPF/NCPC Security Conference & Award Ceremony
  • STB-SHA Hotel Industry Conference
  • Excellent Service Award (EXSA) Star Award Ceremony (Hospitality Sector)
  • SHA/SKM Service Gold “The National Kindness Award” and “Gracious Guest Recognition” Award Presentation Ceremony
  • 3rd General Managers’ Industry Networking Session




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